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We're only human.

Face it. No one really cares what you have to say unless it means something to them. Whether you're selling a product, service, personality or concept—only uncommonly good writing makes first impressions unforgettable.


That's why you need a professional.

Writing original copy is never easy, but I always find it deeply enjoyable. The copywriting projects I've been hired for span a wide range of topics from luxury watches, nail polish and motorcycles to haircare and skincare products.

Extensive research is key, constant communication and alignment with my clients are paramount. I also love crafting memorable copy that meets their tight requirements, be it character counts, seamlessly integrated SEO keywords, and/or their unique corporate voice. I'm a stickler for detail.

copywriting portfolio

BIC Soleil Bella Women's Disposable Razo


French legacy brand BIC sells over 300 disposable products (stationery supplies, lighters and razors) on e-commerce platforms all over the world. Since 2018, I have been translating and/or copywriting all the English content for the UK and US sites.

Can-Am Off-Road Womens Gear.png

SEO Writing:

French-Canadian brand Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) wanted fresh SEO copywriting for three of their brands' online shops: Can-Am off-road and on-road vehicles, Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Sea-Doo personal watercraft. Each brand caters to a distinct ridership and culture.

Essie PNG.png

Retail websites

america's no. 1 nail polish brand, essie, loves to update its fanbase with the latest tips, trends, shades and effects. this ongoing copywriting gig is seriously good fun and a delightful challenge - especially because the client never uses capital letters!

Garnier Balayage Article.png

Content marketing

The Tips & How-To section of Garnier's website is a huge collection of beauty advice articles on everything from skincare and cosmetics ingredients to hair care and coloring. These content marketing jobs include integrating SEO keywords and writing all the metadata.

Clarins Article.PNG

Blog Articles

Clarins publishes an online advice mag on its website called Beauty FAQ. All of the articles are translated from French for the US version of its e-commerce website.

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