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It'll be our little secret.

Truly amazing translations are invisible. They sound so native that no one even knows they're reading a translation.

Don't worry... we won't tell anyone.

Since 1999, I've translated well over a million words from French into English. Much of my work is only seen internally: corporate presentations, workshops, videos, contracts, policies, emails, you name it.

A decent amount of my translations is published online for public consumption. These projects also run a wide gamut from product/service descriptions and blog articles to ads and slogans. I've also been known to ghost-translate books on history, a field I truly adore.

Here's a quick taste of some recent translations (that I'm legally allowed to show off).

translation portfolio

My Parrot is Rich 2.png

Creative translation

Advertising and translation agency MPIR hired me to transcreate its brand new website. They wanted to strike a tone somewhere between "professional and sassy," so I ran with it!

Airborne Museum_edited.jpg

Museum copy

The Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mère-Église, France, is a world treasure that houses the country's only remaining US Air Force glider and countless artifacts from D-Day in WWII. I am immensely honored to be their US English translator for exhibit panels, didactics, maps, brochures, video subtitles, audio tours, and whatever they need.

A5-aperosbio 2018 Nico vis_EN-02.png

Marketing materials

French wine startup Les Apéros Bio needed its collateral in English for trade shows and culinary expos. In addition to the translation, they also wanted English product names that conveyed their playful spirit (no pun intended).


Blogs and social

MPIR also publishes a blog about all the services it offers. Most of it requires transcreation, sometimes translation from French. I go with their flow and always have a blast.

what clients say

"Stephanie is an an amazing translator. She is flexible, responsive and always delivers high quality work."

M.B. - English Content Manager

"Excellent translator and copywriting. Wonderful reactivity. It's a delight to work with her on a daily basis."

F.D. - Document Production Manager


"As a Project Manager, I was always delighted to assign Stephanie on translation jobs; it was a pleasure to work with her, both on a professional and a personal level. She is dedicated to her work, detail-oriented and always on time. All in all, she is a most dependable and efficient translator: I recommend her services."

F.G. - Translation Project Manager

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