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Not another English class.

Fixing Franglais is a unique series of corporate training workshops for French speakers who want to undo Franglais and upgrade their English.

Even language can use a facelift.

Fixing Franglais is not another English class. It's a unique series of workshops that applies a four-step approach to renovating your English from the ground up.

Designed exclusively for adult French speakers, it takes a behind-the-scenes look at how professional linguists acquire and implement language.

By putting the tools used by English translators, writers and language professors in their hands, learners can dismantle Franglais and be the architects of their own natural English.

the Fixing Franglais toolbox


Step 1 | Dismantle

Unlearn the bad habits you have learned in English over the years.

Learn underlying linguistic concepts like fossilization and the inherently linguistic origins of Franglais.


Step 2 | Redesign

Most French speakers make the same types of errors in English. Depending on how you learned English, you probably also have a personal version of Franglais.


Once you know the typical mistakes, you can fix them.


Step 3 | Rewire

Language usage is dependent on the mental pathways we have created. Find out how to set "error alarms" in your head to take control and redraw your English language roadmap.


Step 4 | Renovate

Use the Fixing Franglais toolbox to course-correct your English expression and build a sturdy natural English framework.

florian-klauer-vintage typewriter.jpg

What about AI?

Fixing Franglais also looks at the most recent language-generating technology, like artificial intelligence.


While AI can be useful, its linguistic abilities are limited in a variety of ways. Learn how to stay in control of machine-generated language and identify when a human knows better.

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